Water treatment in mining

Mining refers to the extraction of mineral resources from the upper layer of the Earth's crust.
As part of the extraction process and the depth required for mining raw materials, water is inevitably encountered underground. Depending on the quantity, this water can flood entire tunnels and pose a considerable hazard to the miners.
For this reason, attempts are often made to use this emergent water as process water or as a water supply for fire protection.

A large Russian mining company in Kuzbass has long faced problems with the filtration of the water for use as a fire barrier. The automatic filters previously used proved unreliable for filtering out the enormous amount of dirt particles on site, such as sand, small stones, and mud, and they became clogged on a regular basis. This necessitated that the filters be cleaned by hand, which entailed time and added costs.

By installing a Separator from DANGO & DIENENTHAL upstream of the automatic filters, it was possible to considerably reduce the flushing intervals of the automatic filters as well as to lower the hitherto required manual cleaning cycles to a minimum.
The hallmark of the Separator is its special ability to separate heavy particles with a density greater than 1.3 kg/dm³. The Separator can therefore be used first in order to separate any sand and stone particles. It can be installed both for stationary use or as part of an energy train with no special room.

The Separator is now used in many mining operations for the filtration of process water. The pre-filtration process protects, for example, automatic filters, spray nozzles, or other equipment.
Experience has shown that the low cost of the purchase and installation of the Separators pays for itself after just a few months thanks to the reduced time required for maintenance for existing mining equipment, the longer service life of the filter elements of the downstream automatic filter, and the lower failure rate. This offers companies significant economic benefits.