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Steel industry

The steel industry is one of the world's most important industrial sectors. A high standard of quality is expected for a wide range of applications, from aluminum foil to steel beams. Our filter systems offer your plants a high level of productivity with continuous process reliability.


In the steel industry, large quantities of water are required for cooling as well as in a number of different manufacturing processes (e.g. continuous casting plants, rolling mills, etc.). Most of the water used for this purpose is river, well, or sea water. Depending on the degree of contamination, water from these sources can have considerably adverse effects on the plant components. These usually include heat exchangers or spray nozzles that become clogged over time, but contaminated water can also play havoc with seals, pumps or entire pipe systems. The various filter systems from DANGO & DIENENTHAL can provide the best possible protection for your plant components, prevent production downtimes and considerably lower maintenance costs.

The result

  • Consistent product quality due to failure-free spray nozzles
  • Reduced maintenance intervals for heat exchangers
  • Reliable separation of sinter and scale
  • No mussel infestation in the pipeline

Areas of application

  • Protection of heat exchangers
  • Protection of spray nozzles
  • Filtration of make-up water
  • Scale separation
  • Protection of booster pumps
  • As a substitute for sand filters
  • Protection against mussels and mussel larvae




Filter Types


Filter Media

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