Give it a whirl

A turbo disk in the inlet sets the volume flow into rotation. Centrifugal forces ensure particle separation.

The separator enables reliable separation of heavy particles at high degrees of contamination.


Technical data

Flow rate

max. m³/h

Filter fineness

> µm

Operating pressure

2 to bar


DN 50 to

Filter housing

Steel, stainless steel, plastic


  • High separation efficiency
  • Robust design
  • Diversity of materials
  • Low wear (no moving parts in the filter)
  • Easy installation
  • Low concentrate losses

High productivity

The separator is a fully automatic separation and purification device for liquid media specifically designed for the separation of heavy solids. The raw water enters the separator via the inlet
flange. The housing contains a turbo spiral which sets the medium in rotation. The resulting centrifugal forces act on the heavy particles (> 1.3 kg/dm³) in the outer whirl. In the lower area of this separation block, the medium starts to move upwards again at the inner tube (inner whirl).

The concentrate outlet is located in the lower area of the separator. The device-dependent quantity of solids separated (up to 0.2% in the inflow) can be continuously drained out at the concentrate outlet at a flow rate of 3-10% of the inflow. The purified medium enters the inlet openings of the fixed inner tube and exits the filter via the outlet flange.

For higher flow rates, multiple separators can be assembled together to form a block system.





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