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Chemical industry

The chemical industry places particular emphasis on the purity of the products it manufactures. We put our decades of experience into creating filter systems that help you meet this standard of quality.


Chemical companies and chemical parts require cooling water in great amounts. Most of the water used for this purpose is river, well, or lake water. Depending on the degree of contamination, water from these sources can have considerably adverse effects on the plant components. Usually, the heat exchangers are affected most, becoming clogged over time. However, contaminated water can also play havoc with seals, pumps, or entire pipe systems. In addition, undesired particles can be removed from the liquid products of your production process.

The various filter systems from DANGO & DIENENTHAL can provide the best possible protection for your plant components, prevent production downtimes and considerably lower maintenance costs.

The result

  • Production reliability in ethylene-glycol cooling circuits
  • High plant reliability thanks to the explosion-proof design of all components
  • Reduced maintenance intervals for heat exchangers
  • No mussel infestation in the pipeline

Areas of application

  • Protection of heat exchangers
  • Filtration of make-up water
  • Ethylene-glycol cooling circuit
  • Protection of booster pumps
  • Protection against mussels and mussel larvae
  • Substitute for sand filters




Filter Types


Filter Media

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