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Strong coarse filtration

The plate filter is a solid inline filter with an inclined filter plate. Both manual and automatic backwashing is possible with this model.

The pull-out slotted screen plate enables quick manual cleaning if desired.


Technical data

Flow rate

max. m³/h

Filter fineness

> µm

Operating pressure

1.5 to bar


DN 80 to

Automatic cleaning


Filter housing

Cast iron, GRP


  • Storage space for separated solids
  • Quick removal of the filter element
  • Easy installation (inline design)
  • Low wear (no moving parts in the filter)
  • Installation on the suction side of the pump possible
  • Diversity of materials
  • Completely wired and tested unit
  • Special design solutions for special customer requirements
  • Manual and automatic cleaning possible

High productivity

The raw water enters the filter via the inlet flange, flows through the filter element and leaves the filter on the clean water side. Dirt particles that are coarser than the selected filter fineness are retained. As a result of the water velocity in the filter housing and the inclined position of the filter element, the dirt particles are conveyed to the lower dirt collection area.



A differential pressure measurement made between the raw water inlet and clean water outlet determines the degree of contamination of the filter element. At a defined differential pressure, the backwash process is activated. An adjustable time relay in the electrical control system additionally enables the backwash process. At the start of filter cleaning, the motor-driven backwash valve opens. Due to the high flow velocity generated during backwashing, the dirt particles in the dirt collection area are flushed out of the filter.

A vacuum is created in front of the filter element in accordance with Bernoulli's Law. This causes clean water to flow through the filter element in the direction opposite to that of filtration. In the process, the dirt particles trapped there are removed via the flushing water outlet. The backwash process is complete after 10-20 seconds and the backwash valve is closed automatically. Filtration is not interrupted during backwashing.


The filter element consists of a reinforced wedge-wire screen construction that can withstand even high differential pressures. The handle allows the filter element to be easily and quickly pulled out of the filter housing for inspections.



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We will make sure that you get the filter that is perfectly tailored to your application. Our engineering office will design the filter to match your operating parameters. Our product is thus tailored specifically to your application.


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