Increase service life

Do you want to improve your overall plant availability, protect plant components, prevent production losses, and – last but not least – reduce maintenance costs?

Filters from DANGO & DIENENTHAL (D&D) for the filtration of river water, make-up water, cooling circuit water, recirculating cooling water, and cooling water emulsions will help you do this. Depending on your requirements, you can use fully automatic backwash filters or basket strainers for manual cleaning (by maintenance personnel).

When is filtration required?
Filtration is an energy-consuming operation that is often omitted for cost reasons. Upon closer examination, it becomes evident that this omission only results in increased costs. With today's water rates, economic efficiency demands that water be used not just once, but rather multiple times.

D&D filters remove unwanted mechanical contaminants from cooling and service water supply systems, as well as from other fluid pressure systems, thereby ensuring that no harmful dirt particles can enter cooling and other service water systems.

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