Better values – Water treatment for the aluminum industry

Multiple chemically and thermally coordinated processes go into the production or extraction of pure aluminum. During these processes, an enormous amount of heat is required to separate all the unneeded components from the aluminum.

Reliable and suitable cooling with liquid is required to prevent individual machines from overheating in this high-temperature range. A renowned French manufacturer from the aluminum industry is no stranger to this problem.
At the site of this manufacturer, collected rainwater combined with river water is conducted by pipeline into the factory in order to fulfill the cooling purposes just mentioned with the aid of heat exchangers.

It is vital to filter rainwater and river water in order to ensure that heat exchangers can guarantee sustainable reliable heat dissipation and do not become clogged. With this task in mind, the customer mentioned above approached DANGO & DIENENTHAL Filtertechnik. With two type DDF DN 500 Filterautomats, which reach backwash speeds of up to 10 m/sec, the filter specialist installed a reliable backwash filter solution for particularly contaminated liquids on site. The Filterautomats filter the predefined volume of water to guarantee the heat exchanger's continuous transfer of heat.

The use of these automatic filters achieved a significant reduction in the maintenance intervals required for the heat exchangers.
This in turn has both decreased the cost of maintenance hours and increased the productivity of the aluminum production process.