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Do you want to improve the overall equipment availability, protect your plant components, avoid production
losses and, last but not least, reduce maintenance costs?

A filter from DANGO & DIENENTHAL (D&D) for the filtration of river water, make-up water, cooling circuit water,
recooling water and cooling water emulsion will support you. Depending on requirements, fully Automatic Backwash
Filters and Basket Filters for manual cleaning (by maintenance staff) can be used.

But why a filter?
Filtration generally attracts less consideration than high profile equipment with the consequence that it
frequently is budgeted into abeyance. Examined more closely, however, this initial oversight often accounts
for substantial but avoidable subsequent expense. Fresh water and effluent disposal tariffs continually rise,
advantaging repeat re-use water systems far more than “once through” systems.

D&D filters remove disturbing mechanical impurities from the cooling and service water supply systems as well
as other liquid pressure systems and thus ensure that no damaging dirt particles can enter the cooling systems.

Our sales engineers are always consultative at your disposal and would be glad to assist you
for relevant projects in the future!


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