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The Duplex Filter DF 20 is widely applicable for liquid mediums. It features a strong switch-over unit, high performance, low size ratio besides easy and fast cleaning. During cleaning the filtration does not have to be interrupted. Therefore a continuous filter operation is ensured.



Short summary:


  • The Duplex Filter DF 20 consists of two individual filters. A switch-over via 4 robust valves enables one filter to be in operation, while the other is in standby.
  • The medium to be filtered flows through the filter element from the inside to the outside.
  • The solids are retained in the filter element.
  • The cleaned liquid leaves the filter through the outlet flange.
  • The cleaning is carried out manually.

Further information are also available at https://www.dds-filter.com/us/products/duplex-filter-df-20/