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Before having a completed automobile that can be driven, in one of the first manufacturing steps, the welded car body is taken through a cleaning zone with different cleaning tanks. Nearly each tank has a different function, like degreasing, flushing or phosphating for example.

In general, impurities from the manufacturing process like fibrous material and/or metal particles have to be removed from the car body. Otherwise these impurities may adhere at the car body and cause a damage after painting, as the colour cannot fit perfectly to the car body material.

These impurities contaminate the tanks as well, which leads to a necessary chemical treatment of the car body at the end of the cleaning zone. This takes time, further working areas, and is quite expensive.

In order to avoid this chemical treatment at the end, DANGO & DIENENTHAL and a well-known German automobile manufacturer from Bavaria developed a cleaning system for their manufacturing locations.
With the help of our Filterautomat Type DDF and its backwash speed of about 10 m/sec we refurbish the fluid of selected cleaning tanks and remove the particles from the fluid. The DDF is filtering a defined quantity (flow rate) to keep the tanks clean.

This system is successfully installed in several locations up to now – others are in planning.
Time, money and space have been saved through this installation, as no further treatment of the car body is necessary.