The process heat generated in plants is dissipated with plate and tube heat exchangers. Impurities can reduce the efficiency of a heat exchanger so much that it can overheat in the end, which makes cleaning of the heat exchanger inevitable. Filter systems of
DANGO & DIENENTHAL help to protect your heat exchangers in the long run and minimise maintenance costs.

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Mussel infestation of a heat exchanger without filter
Поражение ракушками теплообменника без фильтра
Problem-free operating heat exchanger, protected from mussel infestation by a DANGO & DIENENTHAL filter with MUSSEL STOP
Безукоризненно работающий теплообменник, защищенный от ракушек фильтром «Данго и Диненталь» с системой «стоп ракушкам»
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Protection of heat exchangers
Protection of heat exchangers