Geothermie / Offshore

Dirty geothermal (hot) water gets through the borehole into the system.
DANGO & DIENENTHAL filter systems are specially designed for this application and remove solids out of the water in order to protect heat exchangers and bore reinjection of the geothermal plant.
For offshore operations large quantities of cooling water are required. Depending on the degree of water pollution of the sea or fresh water used, heat exchangers, seals, pumps and all piping systems can be damaged. Another application of the DANGO & DIENENTHAL filter systems is the cleaning of crude oil from unwanted particles.

Get the best possible protection of your equipment by using the different filter systems of DANGO & DIENENTHAL Filtertechnik GmbH. You can avoid production losses and reduce the maintenance costs significantly.

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Filter Applications
Filter for offshore technology
Filter for offshore technology
Filter for ageothermal water
Filter for ageothermal water