Huge amounts of cooling water are needed in the industry. The use of drinking water for this purpose would result in unacceptable costs. In addition it would be a sheer waste of this scarce resource, because for most areas of application filters for river water prepare and provide sufficient cooling water for this purpose. The ideal choice are basket strainers or automatically cleanable backwash filters. For the industry, this technique found in the category of automatic filters ensures that large maintenance costs are not incurred in the protection of cooling systems.

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Dango & Dienenthal river water filters work successfully in power plants worldwide

Power plants with huge cooling towers cannot do without good cooling water filters. Even though huge clouds of steam rise skyward from the cooling towers, a significant part of the cooling water is still reused. Since the cooling towers are open at the top, dirt particles can also get into the condensed water. Therefore for the protection of the systems they are cleaned by an automatic backwash filter before it is pumped into the heat exchanger.

Filters for river water are appropriate for feed-in systems

The amount of water evaporating in the cooling tower must be replaced. Filters for river water are located in the plants used for replenishing the necessary amount of water. These special filters ensure that damage-causing dirt particles do not enter the cooling system. High-quality filters for river water from DANGO & DIENENTHAL are even capable of destroying mussel larvae and mussels in the river water before it is pumped into the cooling system. With a river water filter from Dango & Dienenthal, the service life of cooling systems can be prolonged considerably. This reduces the cost of repairs and replacement purchases and provides the potential for maximising the achievable gains in the industry.

Even building technology cannot do without river water filters

The use of the DDS filter as a filter for river water and automatic backwash filter for the filtration of seawater, has also found a permanent place in the air conditioning systems of buildings. They are integrated in the systems between the water supply pump and the heat exchanger. The filters for river water also pay off when the water for the air conditioning of buildings comes from a private well. Dirt particles and mussel larvae enter these wells through the groundwater. Dirt particles cause a premature wear of the systems. Therefore, the good river water filter cannot be dispensed with.

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Protection of heat exchangers
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Filtration of additional water
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Filter for building installations