The biggest advantage of basket strainers is that their baskets used to filter solids from the cooling water can fulfil completely different requirements. This type of filter for cooling water, which can also be used as a river water filter, can optionally be equipped with wire mesh or perforated metal sheets. The filter fineness is determined depending on the intended use. Inserts for basket strainers are made of various materials, whereas high-quality stainless steel is the material of choice. The advantages of stainless steel in a basket strainer consist of an excellent resistance to mechanical stress and a tremendous resisting force when in contact with chemical substances.

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Multi-purpose use of basket strainers

Feed-in systems are classic examples, where a basket strainer can be put to use. The multi-purpose use extends to cooling water filters in power plants and rolling mills or cooling systems in the food industry, the chemical industry or the paper industry. Meanwhile, the basket strainers are also a popular technical tool used in the air conditioning of buildings. It can also be used for the recycling of rainwater, which would only be suitable for flushing toilets without filtering. In this case, modern basket strainers ensure that the micro-organisms and dust particles contained in the collected rainwater are removed.